April 2012

So you made it through another Symscape April Fools' prank? I hope you weren't fooled into thinking that Esperanto was really mandated to be the new European language. Anyway, it's been another eventful month at Symscape with the big news being that our partner, Nimbis Services, has released their Caedium CFD Accelerator cloud service. Also we've posted another tantalizing sneak peek of Caedium v4 along with our regular blog posts.

Sneak Peek Caedium v4 - Compressor Passage CFD SimulationSneak Peek Caedium v4Compressor Passage CFD Simulation

Nimbis Services Advances Cloud-Based CFD Simulations with Caedium CFD Accelerator

Nimbis Services, Inc. announces the beta release of their on-demand Caedium CFD Accelerator cloud product, the first of two Caedium-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) service products running on Microsoft’s Windows Azure® cloud platform. Caedium, by Symscape, is a complete desktop CFD workflow environment with an easy to use graphical user interface integrated with OpenFOAM® CFD solvers. Nimbis extends the use of Caedium beyond the desktop to the Windows Azure cloud with on-demand access and pay-as-you-go billing through a convenient and unique ecommerce technical computing marketplace. Examples of CFD models frequently analyzed with Caedium include airflow over a moving car or an aircraft wing, and water flow through pipes. Read more >>

Caedium v4 Sneak Peek: Centrifugal Compressor Passage CFD Simulation

We are still working on the next version of Caedium and thought it was time to share another update on Caedium v4 progress. This sneak peek highlights the new Caedium cyclic boundary condition along with other enhanced geometry tools that will enable CFD simulations of an idealized axisymmetric centrifugal compressor blade passage for instance. Read more >>

Caedium Simulation Featured in SGI Promotional Video

Can you spot the Caedium/OpenFOAM simulation in this SGI promo video? Hint 2:34. Read more >>

Esperanto For Computational Fluid Dynamics

Big news from Europe - a new European directive has just been passed that requires all software applications released in the European Union to support the Esperanto language by June 2012. This is part of a larger European directive mandating that all European countries are to adopt Esperanto as the Europe-wide common language by 2014. Read more >>

OpenFOAM on Windows Performance Profiling Thanks to ParaTools

Our friends (specifically John Linford) over at ParaTools are providing a free instrumented distribution of OpenFOAM on Windows for performance profiling using the TAU Performance System®. Read more >>

Caedium Helps Fastcination Win South-East German F1 in Schools Competition

Fastcination recently beat out 14 contenders to win the South-East German F1 in Schools competition. The German high school team used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations created in Caedium Professional to assess and improve the aerodynamics of their CO2 dragster. Read more >>


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Caedium v4 Released

For the full story on the Caedium v4 release see "Simulate Free Surface Flows Using a Volume of Fluid CFD Solver"