April 2013: Sneak Peek at the Caedium Enhanced Accuracy Tool

We are still posting sneak peeks of the next release of Caedium, which can only mean one thing - we are rapidly approaching its release date. This month we can share a sneak peek at the enhanced Accuracy tool. Also, it being April, I can share the details of this year's Symscape April Fools' Day prank, though I'm sure you weren't fooled. Finally catch up with the latest news on the GPU acceleration available in Caedium that I presented at the recent GPU Technology Conference.

Enhanced Caedium Accuracy ToolEnhanced Caedium Accuracy ToolMax size applied to Ahmed Body

Caedium v5 Sneak Peek: Enhanced Accuracy Tool

The next release of the Caedium CFD software system will include an enhanced Accuracy tool with a new maximum mesh size parameter. The new size parameter will provide a method to set an explicit physical element size for an entity (e.g., face) rather than just an interval (resolution) number as in the current version of Caedium. Read more >>

Questionable Approach Reverse

After a thorough design review I decided to reverse the Questionable Approach applied to the Caedium interface described in "Counterintuitive Usability With The Questionable Approach". I think the April Fools' Day reality distortion field got the better of me. Rest assured that the next release of Caedium will have a new set of gorgeous different icons to compliment the new ribbon-like interface. Read more >>

Counterintuitive Usability With The Questionable Approach

Researchers at the Media Attention Deficit (MAD) Lab recently reported findings that run counter to accepted norms in software usability design. The MAD Lab researchers found that the more difficult software was to use, the more memorable the software became. In light of this research we have replaced all the icons in Caedium with the same question mark icon in an effort to make our software more difficult to use, but easier to remember. Read more >>

CFD Performance Comparison Between GPU and CPU

For the GPU Technology Conference 2013 (GTC13) I performed a series of simulations in Caedium comparing the OpenFOAM® linear solver GPU option using ofgpu with the standard CPU shared memory option using MPI. See selected slides and the presentation deck below. Read more >>