August 2016: CFD Gone Bad and Aero at the Tour de France

I'll save you some time and say right here, upfront, that there is no link between good Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) gone bad and aerodynamics at the Tour de France (TdF). Except they are featured articles for your reading pleasure in this month's newsletter.

CFD Simulations Not Immune From Descending Into ChaosCFD Simulations Not Immune From Descending Into ChaosMandelbrot Set from Chaos Theory
License: CC BY-SA 3.0, Wolfgang Beyer

When Good CFD Goes Bad

You've checked everything, and I mean everything, but still your CFD simulation does not resemble reality. Then it's time to consider the deeper underlying basis of your CFD software. Read more >>

How Aerodynamics Dominates The Tour de France

The spectacle that is the TdF is all about aerodynamics - and you thought it was all about the bike. Virtually all tactics in the TdF are dictated by individuals or teams of riders attempting to limit their exposure to the 'wind', in order to minimize drag and therefore minimize the effort required to progress. There are some obvious and not so obvious tactics riders and teams employ to use aerodynamics to gain advantage. Read more >>