December 2010

Happy Holidays! Just before we say goodbye to 2010, here's my final news blast of the year. Keep reading for details on the new high-quality movie creation capability added to Caedium. See how Caedium Professional provided the cover CFD simulation on a popular textbook. Then finally, check out a dazzling fluid dress, ideal to garner attention at that New Year's Eve party.

Electronics Cooling CFD SimulationMovie Frame: Created by Caedium, rendered by POV-Ray

High-Quality CFD Movies with Caedium

The latest release of Caedium (v2.4) can now create high-quality movies, where each frame can be rendered by either POV-Ray or a Renderman-compliant renderer, such as Aqsis. Further, multiple frames can be rendered in parallel, either on a standalone multi-core computer or on a cluster running Windows HPC Server 2008. The ability to run high-quality renderers in parallel means it's never been easier or faster to create great looking movies of your CFD results with Caedium. Read more >>

Textbook Cover Model by Caedium

A CFD simulation of an open wheel racecar, created using Caedium Professional and rendered by POV-Ray, was selected as the front and back cover of the popular textbook Fox and McDonald's Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 8th Edition, Philip J. Pritchard. Read more >>

Dazzling Fluid Dress

The natural beauty of fluid flow is beyond doubt, just picture water vortices in a stream or smoke rising and mixing with the surrounding air. To reveal the intricacies of fluid flow in experiments, fluorescent dyes are often used. But what do you get when you weave tubes carrying pulses of fluorescent liquid into a dress? A dazzling display of light pulses. Read more >>