December 2015: CFD Holiday Gifts

'Tis the holiday season once again. Are you looking to share your fondness of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with others? Then have I got a great idea for you - CFD themed gifts! You can use mine that I made earlier or you can create your own. Now, get started creating those knockout, gift-ready CFD images with some guidance for your geometry, meshing, and physics setup. All that's left for me then is to sign off on 2015 wishing you all the best for the holidays and the New Year.

CFD Themed Gifts

Gift giving season is upon us, so why not put your CFD visualization skills to good use and make some unique CFD themed presents this year? I did. Read more >>

Physics and Solver Setup for CFD

A CFD simulation requires that you configure physics and solver values based on your knowledge of your fluid application. Primarily this setup stage requires defining your fluid state, reference values (e.g., velocity), initial values, boundary conditions, and solver parameters. Follow along as I describe each stage and relate it to a CFD simulation of the external airflow over an idealized car. Read more >>

Meshing in a Single, Integrated Simulation Environment

Meshing in a single, integrated simulation environment (e.g., Caedium) for CFD is different, in a good way, from meshing in a dedicated mesh or post-processing tool. An integrated CFD simulation environment has the standard meshing tools, but in addition upstream you have a full geometry engine to create and modify geometry as needed, and downstream you can use the same meshing tools for visualization, such as seeds for streamlines and surfaces for results interpolation. You are not forced into a linear progression through the CFD simulation process, because often it requires multiple visits backwards and forwards (non-linear) through the tool chain to get to a final result. Also the visualization of mesh metrics (e.g., surface mesh quality) is identical to general flow field visualization (e.g., pressure), which minimizes the number of concepts you need to learn. Read more >>

CFD Geometry Creation

Given the option, it is often better to create geometry specifically for your CFD simulations. It is even better if your CFD system supports geometry creation. Then you can stay within a single integrated simulation environment for your entire task without the need to learn or purchase additional software packages. Read more >>