February 2016: Say Yes to CFD

We have a full-on, action packed newsletter for you this month. If you are a Small-to-Medium-sized Business (SMB), then we have an article just for you to take all the mystery and pain out of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). If you are ready to CFD, then learn 5 ways Caedium can help you. If you want your CFD results faster, then find out how best to configure your CFD simulation results.

Caedium CFD ResultsCaedium CFD Results

CFD for Your SMB

Being a small business ourselves we understand that one of the key issue that drives many SMBs is efficient resource allocation. For CFD simulations, our area of expertise, that means the SMB wants their needs precisely met in terms of pricing, features, and support. To address these issues, Symscape offers flexible duration subscriptions to Caedium that include support and various bundled features in Caedium add-ons. There are no initial sign up fees and no re-sign up fees. Read more >>

5 Ways to CFD With Caedium

You are ready to try CFD, so what next? It's time to jump in and let Caedium show you what a CFD tool can do through this collection of Caedium posts. Read more >>

Results Setup For CFD

Before you press the run button for your CFD simulation you should configure your results to provide feedback on the simulation's progress. In most modern CFD systems, such as Caedium, you can use co-processing to update your results simultaneously while your CFD simulation runs. Assuming you have the option to co-process your CFD results then here are some helpful tips on how to proceed. Read more >>