January 2013: Caedium on Windows 8

I hope you've had a great start to 2013. What can you look forward to in 2013 from Symscape? Just the usual - exciting new CFD productivity enhancements in Caedium, great support services, expanded documentation, and an eclectic selection of fluid-themed blog posts. Start now with an update on Windows 8 compatibility and my latest blog posts

Caedium on Windows 8Caedium on Windows 8

Caedium Windows 8 Compatibility

The current release of Caedium (v4.0.2) is fully compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Caedium installs and runs on the Windows 8 desktop as in Windows 7.

Blog Posts

Fluid News: Giant Blimp, F1, Hydro-Turbines, Microfluidics, and Cyclones

Are you ready for a blast of fluid news? Then feast your eyes on these stories of a new blimp-like aircraft, the concept design phase of an F1 car, a hydro-turbine, microfluidics, and affordable workshop cyclones. Read more >>

Fluid Mechanics Rescues Solar Panel Arrays

With all the virtual-world CFD simulations I see it's always a thrill to see real-world applications of a similar configuration. This happened recently with a visit to Manchester, New Hampshire where I saw a solar panel array on a renovated cotton mill. Read more >>

Aerodynamics News: Cars, Flying Machines, and Bill Nye

Aerodynamics news blast coming your way. Lots of car related news, along with small (nano) and large (airliner) flying machines, and rounded out by news of a Bill Nye "The Science Guy" Kickstarter flight game. Read more >>

Miniature Turbines Whirl in a Watch

Remember the "Fluid Wrist Watch for a Fluid Dynamicist?" Well I've come across another watch for the horology-obsessed fluid dynamicist - the Urwerk UR-202 AlTiN [source: Forbes]. Read more >>