July 2007

It was a quiet month here at Symscape. After a refreshing vacation we are back with renewed energy to bring about the revolution in Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) for all we promised.

We can share with you a sneak peek at our latest software development destined for our Caedium Builder add-on. Our geometry-topology simplification tool will make it easier to simulate fluid flow over geometry that contains slivers and small surfaces. Notice the greatly simplified geometry on the right (in green) compared to the original imported geometry on the left (in red) in the image below.

Simplified Geometry TopologySimplified Geometry

You might have noticed we reorganized our tutorials and FAQ into a hierarchical book structure for easier casual browsing? If not, check them out and let us know what you think.

Of course the blog must go on and here, for your convenience, are our latest posts since our previous newsletter.

Curve Ball Aerodynamics
Who hasn't wondered at those magical curve balls that we see in sports such as tennis, soccer, baseball and most impressively in ping pong? Or been disappointed by a horrible slice in a game of golf? Of course, there is no magic, these are just examples of aerodynamics in action – the Magnus effect to be precise.
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World Water Speed Record Challengers
The world water speed record (317mph or 511 km/h) is under assault from 3 teams. The defending world record holder, Ken Warby is up for the challenge, as are teams from the USA and the UK.
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Split-Cycle Engine Concept
The new Scuderi Split-Cycle engine design concept promises increased efficiency and reduced harmful NOx emissions compared to the current generation of internal combustion engines found in most cars. Ironically, this new concept is a variation on the notoriously inefficient and polluting 2-stroke engine.
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Energy from the Environment
The wind turbine is the poster child for extracting energy from our environment. However, there are numerous other devices that range from the mundane, such as hydroelectric dams, to the downright scary, such as the Atmospheric Vortex Engine which is another word for a controlled (?!) tornado.
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Micro Wind Turbines
Micro (or personal) wind turbines are sprouting on the rooftops of many UK homes in an effort to defeat our addiction to fossil fuels and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Laudable goals, but most of these 'off-the-shelf' roof-mounted wind turbines struggle to generate enough electricity to power a single light bulb.
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