June 2011

Hope you are ready for another sneak peek at the next Caedium (v3) release - this time with help from Microsoft. Also in this month's newsletter you'll find summaries of my latest blog posts.

Multiple Caedium CFD Simulations Bursting to AzureMultiple Caedium CFD Simulations Bursting to Azure

Caedium Bursts CFD to the Cloud

In collaboration with Microsoft, we have developed a 'burst to Windows Azure' capability for the next release of Caedium (v3) running on Windows HPC Server 2008 R2 SP1. The new feature will allow Caedium users to better optimize their designs by performing more CFD simulations unbounded by on-premises hardware limitations thanks to the elastic resource scaling of the cloud-based Azure service. Read more >>


Below are teasers for my latest blog posts.

New Strategy = CFD + Wind Tunnel

The Virgin Racing (VR) Formula 1 team are parting ways with their CFD guru Nick Wirth after a poor start to the 2011 F1 season and a dismal first season in 2010. Most of the heat for VR's poor performance (wrongly in my opinion) has been laid at the feet of its CFD-only strategy advocated by Wirth. I argued in a recent blog post that the root cause of VR's problems are more likely a general lack of funding, rather than their CFD strategy. Read more >>

Fake Real Wireframe Models

What happens when you take a virtual model, in this case a wireframe car model, into the real world? Besides blowing people's minds you get a surreal look that is sure to draw attention to your cause - often advertising. But who cares when it looks this good? Read more >>

Mercedes GP F1 Bares All

The only chance you'll usually get to see the secrets of a Formula 1 car is in the aftermath of a racing incident (otherwise known as a crash) just before the obligatory veil of secrecy in the form of a tarp cover is hurriedly thrown over the exposed secrets. Even then it is usually up for debate and difficult to discern what purpose the mangled carbon fiber might have performed prior to the incident. So we are indeed privileged that Mercedes GP recently commissioned an exploded view of one of their cars revealing many of the inner workings of their prized design. Read more >>