June 2013: Caedium v5 in Action

I hope you've had time to try the new Caedium v5 release announced last month. To help your transition to v5 we have updated all the Caedium tutorials and related documentation. With a new release there's no time like the present to put it through its paces - which is exactly what you'll find in this selection of blog posts.

Caedium CFD Simulation Around an ElephantCaedium CFD Simulation Around an Elephant

Elephants and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Zoology professor Warren Porter leads a team of researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison that uses Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate heat transfer and drag. No big deal you say, until you hear that the subject of his CFD simulations is an elephant! Read more >>

Helical Strakes with your Chimney?

Helical strakes are often used on chimneys to reduce vortex induced vibration (VIV). However, these strakes also have a significant drawback - they induce massive increases in drag and side forces that have significant structural implications for the chimney. Read on for a CFD study that compares a smooth cylindrical chimney to the same chimney with helical strakes. Read more >>

Turning Vanes Required

Do you want turning vanes with your duct work? Yes, if you are considering a square corner and you want to minimize your fan power requirement. Don't take my word for it, instead consider this CFD study that compares a vaneless square corner with both small turning vanes and large turning vanes. Read more >>