June 2016: CFD Skills and 3D Printing

This month we have a couple of diverse Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) topics for your reading list. Did you know that CFD skills are a hot ticket for many startups? Read more about how CFD is a modern day pick and shovel skill. Also, are you looking for tips on CFD simulation creation? Find out how model preparation for 3D printing can aid your CFD.

CFD Simulation ResultsAirflow CFD Simulation Around the Smithsonian Air and Space MuseumWatertight non-manifold SketchUp model for 3D printing

CFD Benefits From 3D Printing

It turns out that preparing geometry models for 3D printing has a lot of similarities with preparing geometry for CFD. Both require watertight non-manifold geometry, otherwise your model will plunge your 3D printer or your CFD software into chaos. Read more >>

CFD Expertise Is Your Modern Day Pick and Shovel

News just in from Bloomberg is that Larry Page, of Google fame, is funding not one (Zee.Aero) but two (Kitty Hawk) personalized flying-machine (dare I say flying cars?) startups. With a number of other companies pursuing the same goal, it seems a gold rush of sorts is on. Yet remember the real gold rush? The real benefactors were the pick and shovel makers. The equivalent in this flight to the future are employees with highly prized skills brought to bear on a decidedly tricky problem. And at the sharp end of those with specialized skills are...CFD experts - providing valuable insights into aerodynamics, propulsion, batteries, and electrical/electronics cooling. Read more >>