March 2010

The big news this month is the release of Caedium on the Mac. This latest release has enhancements and bug fixes for the Windows and Linux versions of Caedium too, so there's something for everyone. Anyone following the F1 in Schools CO2 dragster story from last month will be interested in a follow up comparison of a new CFD simulation for a revised dragster design. Finally, as one poll closes a new one awaits.

Caedium on the MacCaedium on the Mac

Caedium is on the Mac

Now Mac fans can enjoy the same rich interactive unified simulation environment for CFD that Caedium users on Windows and Linux have been embracing. No longer do Mac owners have to compromise their user experience by using Boot Camp or virtual machines - Caedium now runs as a native application on OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

Also the latest Caedium release provides enhanced 3D selection, an improved properties panel, and new geometry creation options across all platforms. For the full story see "Caedium Brings Interactive CFD to the Mac."

CFD Analysis of an F1 in Schools Dragster v2.0

After reviewing the Caedium RANS Flow results posted in "CFD Analysis of an F1 in Schools Dragster," Brett Sizeland, Basilisk Performance team's chief designer, has been busy updating his F1 in Schools CO2 dragster design. Using the same geometry preparation process, physics setup, and post-processing, all within Caedium's unified simulation environment, we were able to rapidly perform a new simulation and compare the two designs. Read more...

New Poll

Want to see the results from our previous poll "What's your favorite flow regime?" Then vote in our new poll "What's your favorite fluid flow discipline?" on our home page and all will be revealed.



First off, I love Caedium on my MacBook Pro. It is very impressive how easy it is to do CFD calculations with your code.
I have a question, motivated by attempting to do some calculations with Steam.
I believe the material properties associated with substances are:
Cp, The specific heat at constant pressure
W, the molecular weight
beta, the inverse absolute temperature
gamma, the ratio of specific heats Cp/Cv
k, the thermal conductivity
mu, the viscosity
rho, the density.

BUT.... What is Hf?
I cannot make this match properly for any parameter that I've tried.

Hf is Enthalpy of Fusion

You got all the material properties right.

The one you are missing, Hf, is Enthalpy of Fusion.

If you are simulating subsonic flow (Mach < ~0.3) you don't need to worry about this value - it's only relevant for compressible flow.

Just in case you weren't aware of the feature - if you left-click a property in the Properties Panel a description will appear in the status bar (bottom left).