March 2012

The next version of Caedium is taking shape and, after finalizing its exciting new features, we concluded that the next release is not a mere minor version, but more worthy of a fully fledged major version. So, no more talk of Caedium v3.1, instead get ready for Caedium v4.0! As with the build up to any new Caedium release, we are providing sneak peeks of new capabilities. The twist this time around is that the sneak peeks are interspersed with our regular blog posts - see whether you can spot which ones are which :-)

Idealized Dyson Air Multiplier CFD Simulation - SymmetryIdealized Dyson Air Multiplier CFD Simulation - SymmetryUsing new porous and fan boundary conditions

Caedium v4 Sneak Peek: New Particle Type Animation Options

Ready for another sneak peek at Caedium v4? Great, then you'll be thrilled to see more options on what type of particles you can animate in the next Caedium release. Read more >>

Caedium v4 Sneak Peek: Idealized Dyson Air Multiplier CFD Simulation

Progress on the next Caedium (v4) release is gaining steam, so it's high time for a sneak peek at some of the new capabilities. As you'll see, an idealized Dyson Air Multiplier Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation proved to be an excellent test case. Read more >>

How to Lose F1 Races with a Wind Tunnel and CFD

I recently came across a blog post "How to lose races with CFD" [source: Another Fine Mesh] related to the CFD-only strategy pursued by the Marussia Formula 1 Team (formerly Virgin Racing) during the 2010 and 2011 F1 seasons. It seems such an easy conclusion to make, right? During its first 2 F1 seasons the Marussia team garnered a lot of publicity thanks to their CFD-only (no wind tunnel testing) strategy and during that period they didn't win a race, therefore CFD must lose races, right? Not so fast. Read more >>


Caedium v4 Released

For the full story on the Caedium v4 release see "Simulate Free Surface Flows Using a Volume of Fluid CFD Solver"