March 2013: Sneak Peek at Caedium Ribbon GUI

The big news in Symscape-land is the new ribbon GUI that will be making its debut in the next release of the Caedium CFD software system - check out the picture below. As a follow up to last month's announcement of the new polyhedral mesh conversion option coming soon to Caedium, find out how polyhedral elements perform relative to tetrahedral and hexahedral elements. Then for easy reading you have my latest blog post.

Caedium Ribbon GUICaedium Ribbon GUI

Caedium v5 Sneak Peek: Ribbon GUI

The next release of the Caedium CFD software system will have a new combined menu and toolbar often referred to as a ribbon. The Caedium ribbon provides tabs to access various groups of button controls. Each button has an icon and description text. Also you will see larger buttons for the latest high definition displays. Read more >>

Polyhedral, Tetrahedral, and Hexahedral Mesh Comparison

Are you wondering how a polyhedral (dual) mesh compares to the equivalent tetrahedral and hexahedral meshes? Then you're in the right place. This study compares the volume element count, convergence, accuracy, and runtimes of the three different types of meshes for a simple duct. Read more >>

Aerodynamics News: Speed on Wheels and Snow

Hold on tight for an aerodynamics news blast all about speed. From cars and bicycles on wheels to skis and shovels on snow. Shovels? Keep reading and all will be revealed. Read more >>