March 2017: CFD and Aerodynamics

The two themes for this month's newsletter are Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and aerodynamics. First check out our revamped CFD description now with a what, why, and how treatment. Next see how aerodynamics can help you go dangerously fast downhill. Then finally, discover the aero effects of fenders (mud guards) on your bicycle wheels.

Fender + Wheel + Disc RotorCFD Simulation of Airflow Around a Bicycle Wheel and FenderStreamlines at 25 degree yaw angle

Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics, also known as CFD, is the digital equivalent of a real world wind tunnel or flow bench. With CFD you can simulate the air flow around a racing car, the water flow through a heating system, and a whole host of other applications wherever a gas and/or liquid (including multiphase) flows. From your CFD simulation you can determine flow quantities, e.g., lift, drag, pressure loss, velocity profiles, and pressure distributions, to help guide your design. Read more »

Speedy Downhill

If you want to go fast downhill then you better know your aerodynamics. For an alpine skier and a downhill cyclist, drag is the force holding them back, but with the application of some basic fluid dynamics knowledge they can go faster - a lot faster. Read more »

Bicycle Wheel and Fender Aerodynamics

In the bicycle world aerodynamics has taken on an ever increasingly important role. Cyclists are willing to go to great lengths and expense to realize performance enhancements through optimized aerodynamics in bicycle frames, wheels, and components. I thought it would be interesting to see where in the spectrum of aerodynamics performance disc rotors and fenders (mud guards) lie using CFD as our guide. Read more »