May 2009

As a teaser for the first public showing of our new Caedium RANS Flow add-on I can share a preview slide from the presentation you can see in full at the Fourth OpenFOAM Workshop. Also since our previous newsletter you'll find a couple of new tips, we were featured in the Racecar Engineering blog, I've added a new blog post and I've started a Twitter feed.

Caedium RANS Flow Examples PreviewCaedium RANS Flow Examples Preview

New Tips

We've published two new tips that demonstrate mixed geometry type Booleans:

  • Punch a Hole in a Face - use the Boolean subtract operation available in our Caedium Builder and Professional add-ons to punch (subtract) a hole in a face using a volume (e.g., a cylinder)
  • Trim a Face - use the Boolean intersect operation available in our Caedium Builder and Professional add-ons to trim a face using a volume

Racecar Engineering uses Caedium Diffuser Simulation

Racecar Engineering, the International Journal of Motorsport Technology, recently used a Caedium diffuser simulation in "Diffusers Explained" by Lawrence Butcher. Diffusers are a hot topic at the moment - see why below.

Formula 1 Diffuser Controversy

The ongoing Formula 1 (F1) diffuser controversy has raised the awareness in the general public (especially in F1-mad countries, such as the UK) of a key aerodynamic device used in many forms of motor racing. And if one diffuser is good then two must be better, right? So goes the latest thinking in F1. For the full post see my blog.


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