May 2014: Sneak Peek at Passive Species

It's time you heard about progress on the next Caedium release, right? This can only mean one thing - sneak peek season is upon us with a preview of the new passive species transport capability coming to a Caedium near you soon. Let's not forget that Caedium also has a wide range of existing capabilities, so why not take a moment to see how to make a splash using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)?

Caedium Passive Species CFD SimulationCaedium Passive Species CFD SimulationIso-surfaces of a passive species injected into an elbow flow

Caedium CFD Sneak Peek: Passive Species Transport

The next release of the Caedium CFD software system will be able to simulate the convection and diffusion of a passive species, also known as a passive scalar. A passive species can represent and track additions such as smoke in airflow and dye in water. It can also provide insights on the dispersion of pollutants carried by a fluid. Read more >>

How to Make a Splash in CFD

It is a common occurrence: a rain drop falls into a puddle; a leaky faucet drips into a sink of water. This seemingly simple event has some complex physics in play that advanced multi-phase, free-surface (volume of fluid - VOF) CFD can simulate. Not only can CFD simulate water impact in a pool, it can also produce a beautiful 3D visualization of the process as an animation. Follow along to see how you can use Caedium Professional to simulate a water droplet falling into a pool of water. Read more >>