May 2016: See Your CFD Clearly Now

Make way for the hidden Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) secrets special edition newsletter. With this collection of helpful articles you will be exploring the inner reaches of your CFD results in no time.

CFD Simulation of Airflow Around a CarCFD Simulation of Airflow Around a CarVelocity vectors on symmetry plane

Transparency Reveals Hidden CFD Secrets

Do you find that visual elements in your CFD simulations sometimes obscure the areas where you would like to see your results? If so, then let transparency reveal the hidden secrets within your results. Read more >>

Symmetry Reveals More Hidden CFD Secrets

Following on from "Transparency Reveals Hidden CFD Secrets," using symmetry is another way to reveal the hidden secrets of your CFD simulations. Read more >>

Clipping Planes Reveal Even More Hidden CFD Secrets

Clipping planes are another tool to reveal hidden regions of your CFD results. Read more >>

Cutting Planes Reveal Yet More Hidden CFD Secrets

Yet another way to reveal the hidden secrets of your CFD simulation is to create a face, usually a plane and often referred to as a cutting plane, to serve as a target for interpolated results. Read more >>