May 2007

The big news this month is the addition of Windows Vista to Caedium's supported platforms. Vista's new Aero graphical user interface (GUI), only available with premium and business Vista editions, incorporates translucent frames and 3D flip effects to energize the user experience – just like Caedium!

Caedium on Windows VistaCaedium in Windows Vista

In an effort to prevent our website from being overrun with spambots we've incorporated a simple math question into various forms. With this modification we now allow un-registered visitors to post comments.

We are busy expanding Caedium's geometry handling capabilities – we can't say too much yet, so check back soon for more developments.

For your convenience here are the latest blog posts since our previous newsletter.

X-15 CFD Images on Postage Stamps
The United States Postal Service (USPS) on March 17, 2007 issued 2 stamps that feature Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) generated images of the North American X-15 rocket plane in flight.
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Formula Hybrid
The inaugural Formula Hybrid International Competition was held May 1-3, 2007 at the New Hampshire International Speedway, Loudon, NH, USA. College and university students from the US and Canada took up the challenge to construct and race gasoline-hybrid powered, open-wheel racecars.
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Secrets of Underbody Tunnels, Rear Diffusers and Venturis
Underbody tunnels, rear diffusers and venturis are common terms used to describe the contouring of a racing car's underbody. While largely hidden from view, these devices are the secret weapons in an arsenal of aerodynamic features for generating downforce on racing cars.
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Automotive X Prize
The Automotive X Prize will award substantial cash prizes to the winning teams of a long-distance stage race. So is it replicating the World Rally Championship then? Not quite. The vehicles competing for the Automotive X Prize have to be environmentally friendly, production-capable and exceed 100mpg. I doubt any World Rally Cars will qualify!
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