October 2015: Caedium Control How-tos

A couple of Caedium how-tos are our feature presentations for you this month. Learn how to control your mesh with the Accuracy Tool and how to control the run-time behavior of your Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation using the Simulation Control Toolbar.

Face Mesh ElementsFace Mesh Elements

How to Control Your CFD Simulations in Caedium

The Caedium Simulation Control Toolbar provides the controls to initialize and run your CFD simulations. Take a moment to learn how to use these simulation controls effectively. Read more >>

How to Control Your CFD Mesh in Caedium

The Caedium Accuracy tool is largely responsible for determining the accuracy of your CFD simulations by imposing constraints on the underlying computational mesh or grid. Therefore, it's worth spending a moment to learn how the Accuracy tool in Caedium works. Read more >>