September 2007

We are closing in on a major release and update for Caedium and its add-ons. You can expect to see bug fixes, and both minor and major enhancements.

We've already shared a sneak peek of our geometry-topology simplification tool (see our July 2007 newsletter) destined for the next release of our Builder add-on for Caedium. This month we want to share a sneak peek of our new faceted import capability for stereolithography (.stl) and Alias/Wavefront (.obj) formats destined for our Exchange add-on. As an example see the image below for a 57 Chevy Alias/Wavefront file.

57 Chevy Import57 Chevy Imported as Alias/Wavefront File

Notice during the import process we reconstruct a valid topology (including faces, edges and vertices) that will be suitable for performing simulations on. Our Professional add-on will incorporate all the latest developments in our individual add-ons.

Below are our latest blog posts since our previous newsletter. Click the titles to read the entire post.

Air Blowing Applications
When the naturally induced airflow over a moving aerodynamic device, such as a wing, just isn't enough to satisfy design requirements then strategic air or gas blowing is always an option to enhance the device's performance.

Multi-Element Airfoils
Multi-element airfoils are used in a variety of aerodynamic devices from airplanes to bicycles. Let's take a brief tour through the applications of this versatile airfoil configuration.

Wing in Ground Effect
An announcement that Chinese researchers are investigating ground effect vehicles or wing in ground-effect (WIG) vehicles re-opens an interesting chapter in aerodynamics dating back to the very first powered flights.

Ionic Wind
A new concept design in electronics cooling exploits ionic wind, or, more formally, a corona discharge, to improve the efficiency of traditional cooling fans. The same effect is also able to propel a levitation device called an ionocraft, and was also incorporated in an air purifier.

Just For Fun: The New Space Race
We are in the midst of a new space race. It isn't about proving national might, as the race to the moon was. No, this time it's just for fun.