September 2016: Amazing CFD

Let us start this month's news with something amazing, did you know that Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) can solve mazes? Read all about it in the Amazing CFD article. Also for your reading pleasure we have advice on how to squeeze that final 20% performance out of your design and why you should never settle for facets as the basis for your geometry.

CFD Maze SimulationCFD Maze SimulationVelocity magnitude iso-surfaces

Amazing CFD

You already know that CFD is great at solving fluid dynamics problems, but did you also know it is able to literally solve mazes too? Prepare to be a-maze-d. Read more >>

In Search of The Remaining 20 in The Pareto 80-20 Rule

Pareto analysis usually reveals a golden 80-20 rule for squeezing performance out of things. In other words - it means the majority of the performance (80%) is typically governed by a minority (20%) of factors. Pareto analysis applies equally across many disciplines from sports (marginal gains anyone?) to product design. Read more >>

Never Settle For Facets

Don't settle for CFD software that uses (abuses) facets (e.g., STL) as geometry. If your original geometry is analytic (CAD) then mesh it directly without the conversion to facets. Otherwise it's like you have to create two surface meshes. What's wrong with that? Plenty! Read more >>