Create a NACA 2412 Airfoil

I was wondering if there was any way to import or create a NACA 2412 airfoil. I have already found and created the 4415 airfoil from the tutorial.

Create any other aerofoil..

2 questions:
1. In trying to create a 3d air-foil of the Naca-4415, with the tutorial guidance, caedium is erroneously making the air-foil too big, and by that I mean giving it a chord length of 1000m which I suppose is meant to be 1m..I have tried everything to correct this but failed, everything after that is pointless as it will give back dubious wakes and values. How can I fix this?
2. How do I create/import other air-foils? Most of the airfoils are in .dat formats but caedium only reads .pts as imports. How can I get past this or do the necessary conversions in order to create other 3d air-foils??

Using Old Version of Caedium

In answer to your questions:

  1. I'm guessing that you are using the unsupported 32-bit Windows version of Caedium, in which case you need to scale the imported geometry [0.001 0.001 0.001]. If you have the option I suggest you use the latest version.
  2. Rename the *.dat format file to *.pts, and make sure the file only contains the airfoil coordinates, with an empty newline between separate sections.

Import Airfoils as Points

Caedium can read in points (.pts, File->Import) as vertices (geometry) and groups for easy spline fitting. For an extensive airfoils definition database try:

To create an airfoil volume, the process is:

  1. Import .pts file
  2. Fit a spline through the vertices group, using the Edge->Spline tool from the Geometry Palette
  3. Create a face by using the Face->Fill tool on the edge(s)
  4. Create a volume by using the Other->Sweep tool on the face