Can Caedium solve fluid-structure interaction problems?

I have 2 Questions:

Can Caedium solve fluid-structure interaction problems? For example, a heart pumping blood or a flexible dragonfly wing that bends as it flaps?

Is there any way I could qualify for a perpetual license after a certain number of years? If I decide to become a user of Caedium, I will probably want to use it for well over 10 years. Caedium is advertised as being affordable at $1000/year, but this becomes relatively expensive compared to some other CFD options after many years.

[Edit: based on an email exchange]

Caedium can not simulate fluid-structure interaction

In answer to your questions:
1) No, currently Caedium can not simulate fluid-structure interaction.

2) I guess in answering no to your first question it negates the second :-) But I'll answer anyway. I'm not familiar with the pricing of perpetual licenses of other CFD vendors - other than I imagine they are relatively expensive. I do know that their typical per-year maintenance prices are higher than the flat subscription (with maintenance) we offer for Caedium Pro. and markedly so, when you consider typical per-process parallel pricing. However, if you wanted to buy the equivalent of a perpetual Caedium Pro. license (say a 10yr subscription upfront) then we could definitely discuss a discount.

My finances are tight

I studied CFD in graduate school, but my current job does not involve CFD. I hope to change jobs eventually, but in the mean time, I want to brush up on my CFD skills by offering my services for free to help a surgeon work on a project for a heart pump. However, if my services prove valuable and extensive work is required, then I may ask for payment later. Caedium seemed like it would be a good solution for me, but my finances are tight, and I hate to invest my efforts into learning software if I will have to discontinue using it later because of costs.