Can SolidWorks models be used with your software?

I'm part of a car racing team, we race touring cars.

We develop our cars in SolidWorks. We would like to develop their aerodynamics.

I would like to know
1) if our SolidWork models can be used with your software.
2) In case the previous question has negative answer, in which software can we develop our models?
3) Which of your products would you recommend us?
4) We would like to have a free trial of your product previously recommended, would it be possible to evaluate it before purchase?

Thank you very much

[Edit: based on an email exchange]

SolidWorks can export STEP

1) Yes, I believe SolidWorks can export STEP (.stp), which Caedium Pro. can import. For SolidWorks specific help try the forum post "import solidworks files" and for external aero. help try the forum post "Setting up an external case"

2) NA

3) I recommend trying Caedium Professional, for its geometry creation and import, and its viscous CFD flow simulation.

4) Absolutely, we offer free 30-day trials, for details try the FAQ "What is a free trial?"