Info on your software and price?

I send you this email following an article in the last Racecar Magazine.

We are looking to improve our knowledge with some CFD, and today even if Ansys offer us a great deal it is still not easy for a company like us. So we are still looking for other opportunity…And we found this article and we are really interested by your package, can you, let me know some info on your software and price?

[Edit: based on an email exchange]

Caedium Pricing and Info

For a comparison between the Caedium add-ons including prices try "Caedium Product Comparisons"

I imagine that your geometry will originate from a CAD system, so I think you are likely to need Caedium Professional

In terms of ease-of-use check out our screencast:

Note also that we offer free 30-day trials so you can take Caedium for a test drive and only purchase a subscription if you are satisfied Caedium meets your needs.