Mac OS X 64-bit and parallel?

Does the Mac OSX version of your custom OpenFoam RANS code run in 64-bit mode and also run in parallel?

[Edit: based on an email exchange]

Yes to parallel, No to 64-bit

The Mac OS X version of Caedium with OpenFOAM does run in parallel, but isn't currently available in 64-bit.

Memory limitation per core?

Thanks for the feedback. Is there a memory limitation per core that the code can handle running OSX and do you intend to port the OSX code to 64-bit in the future? Also are there many differences between the MAC and other OS versions?

Limit per-process is the 32-bit memory address

Yes, there is definitely going to be a OS X 64-bit version of Caedium with OpenFOAM in the future. Currently I'm waiting for my GUI toolkit to be updated (no definitive release date yet unfortunately). Everything else is ready as is evident by the Windows and Linux 64-bit versions.

The Mac, Windows, and Linux ports are functionally identical. Also we don't impose per-process license fees like some. Licensing is per machine (unlimited processes), per person.

Caedium and OpenFOAM run in separate processes. The limit per-process is the 32-bit memory address bounds, which on OS X I think is 4 GB.