Validation and perpetual license?

I am interested to know how the RANS CFD package you are selling has been validated. How do the resluts compare with market leading packages such as ANSYS CFD?

Do you offer a perpetual licence?

[Edit: based on an email exchange]

What application validations are you interested in?

Validation is an open ended subject - what specific applications are you interested in?

If it helps for assessing validation performed by other OpenFOAM sources (e.g. CFD-Online OpenFOAM Forum) the solvers we support are:

  • simpleFoam
  • pimpleFoam
  • buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam
  • buoyantBoussinesqPimpleFoam
  • rhoSimpleFoam
  • rhoPisoFoam
  • sonicFoam

I don't have access to other CFD vendor codes or results, but if you have existing CFX/FLUENT cases you can import and run them with Caedium RANS Flow .

We only offer subscriptions (monthly, quarterly, and yearly), but I think you'll find they are extremely affordable compared to other CFD vendors. If you wanted to roll your own 'near perpetual' license and lock in today's prices you could buy a 10yr (10 x 1yr subscriptions) license.

Companies Using Caedium? 2D Flow?

Another couple of questions, can you let me know of any companies currently using Caedium?

Also, is Caedium capable of modelling 2D flow?

Can share the general areas

I don't have permission to share with you specific company names, but I can share the general areas where Caedium is being used:

  • Aerospace
  • Motor racing
  • HVAC
  • Electronics cooling
  • HPC platform demonstration
  • Ad-hoc consultancy work
  • Education

Also there are examples of specific applications I have analyzed in a consultancy role at:

Caedium is capable of performing pseudo 2D simulations where a face mesh is extruded to be one cell thick, as demonstrated in the tutorial "Transonic Flow Over the NACA 0012 Airfoil"

Currently Caedium can not generate these special 2D meshes, so you'd have to generate it elsewhere and import it.

How does the perpetual license work?


Was just wondering if someone could tell me how the perpetual license work?
Is it only for 1 workstation or doesn't matter how many workstation, etc?



One License per Computer per User

All our products are licensed per computer per user, so a single license (perpetual or subscription) does not support an unlimited number of workstations. However, we do not charge per-parallel process, so in that sense parallel is unlimited.