simpleFoam.exe crashing

Good day,

Just downloaded the trial of PRO, and so far, its the simpliest CFD package I've ever used and have been able to get basic results out quickly.

However, when trying to solve a simple airflow over a wind turbine blade, simpleFoam.exe crashes, and no results are generated. I've followed the tutorials, and pretty much only replaced the model i'm using.

I would be happy to email a .ZIP package to anyone who would like to take a look.

Any ideas?

Thank you kindly,
Ryan Botha
Durban, SA

Try OpenFOAM Diagnostics Preference

Thanks for the positive feedback.

To better determine the cause of the simpleFoam crash try enabling the OpenFOAM diagnostics preference: File->Preferences, then in the Properties Panel enable the Physics->OpenFOAM->Diagnostics preference. Try rerunning the simulation and copy any relevant messages in the File->Log as a comment.

If you want to forward the Caedium project file (.sym) so I can take a look please use the service and direct the file to the 'Queries' email address you'll find in your Caedium activation license email.