Conjugate heaty transfer (CHT) with Caedium


Is it possible to run a CHT model in Caedium ?
I would like to simulate the cooling of a block of copper submitted to a heat flux on one of its faces, and with an internal water flow.

Best regards, JV


No, Caedium can not yet simulate conjugate heat transfer. It can simulate heat transfer with fixed temperature or fixed heat flux specified on a surface if that is any help.

Has this changed by now?

Has this changed by now?

Actively working on CHT

No change in current release, but we are actively working on a CHT capability targeted for the next version of Caedium. No release date yet.

Any news on Conjugate Heat Transfer, CHT?

Have you had any progress on CHT since 2015?

Almost ready

We are in final testing, so the release should be ready before the end of the 2017.