Caedium as Alternative to ANSYS Fluent

I have been a FLUENT user for over a year now but recently have found much interested in switching to OpenFOAM. However, I have absolutely no experiences using Linux so my ability is highly limited. I finally came across Caedium, which is compatible with Windows as stated on your website. Right now I am seriously considering trying out Caedium but would like to know more information about it. If it can perform the same tasks I do in FLUENT then it will give our company significant cost savings. I would like to know if Caedium can do the following:

Solving RANS internal flow; ability to solve hybrid/non-conformal mesh
Simulation of atomizing spray using Euler-Lagrangrian method (Discrete Phase Modeling in Fluent)
Option for porous media/perforated plate assumption of flow field
Chemical reaction of gaseous species

I look forward to your response.

[Edit: based on an email exchange]

Caedium Capabilities

Caedium is good for incompressible/compressible steady/unsteady single-phase fluid flow and heat transfer, for more details try "Caedium RANS Flow"

In answer to your questions:

  1. Yes Caedium can solve on hybrid meshes (well defined cells, not arbitrary polyhedra), but not non-conformal
  2. No Caedium does not support any form of multi-phase
  3. No Caedium does not support porous media
  4. No Caedium does not support multiple reacting species

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