Geometry Selection Problems

I have been using the trial version of Caedium Professional with various imported STEP geometry items to examine the software's suitability for my requirements.

The method of highlighting then selecting geometry (faces, edges etc) using the techniques demonstrated in the screencasts (holding down the right mouse button and moving the cursor over the geometry etc) do not work properly or reliably. This also applies to the technique using the select tool and left mouse button.

After a fresh restart of the program I am able to highlight 2 to 3 geometry features using the above techniques until this functionality stops working. (This functionality may return sporadically without predictability.) From then on I am then forced to open the select dialogue box and manually search through all the faces, edges etc to select the geometry I require. This becomes extremely tedious with larger geometry with 100+ features, particularly as the screencasts demonstrate that geometry selection should be able to be done with ease.

This is the only disappointing feature I have encountered with an otherwise very good software package. Unfortunately for me, it's a show-stopper.

Are there any know issues (64bit, Windows 7, STEP geometry etc) that could cause this problem?


Focus Problem Maybe

Another thought is that you need to give focus to the current window in Caedium prior to trying selection. So if you have multiple windows open then prior to making a selection or view manipulation you need to left-click in the window to make it the current window.

about visualization problems

Hi to all,
I'm using Caedium 2.4.2 64-bit on ubuntu 10.04 release and sometimes I've trouble to make current the sim label.
when I leave pointer cursor from the sim space, the space come gray and I can't see nothing. So is very difficult to use your cut and past command...

have you any idea to solve it?!


Share a screenshot?

Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding your problem. Can you try sharing a screenshot?

Graphic Card Problem Maybe

Sorry to hear you are having problems selecting geometry. I haven't heard of any selection problems along the lines you describe.

My first thought is whether it's a graphic card problem. Which graphic card are you using (E.g., Nvidia GeForce GTS 360M, 1 GB)? And are you using the latest drivers?

Other ideas:

  • If you are mainly selecting faces try shading all faces and then see if selection is any more reliable. Select the background in the View Window, select sim->Faces in the Select dialog, then in the Properties Panel turn off the Transparent property. You might find it easier to also switch on the Transparent property for all edges.
  • If you perform a lot of discrete zoom operations there's a chance that the selection tolerances might be causing problems. Instead try performing a continuous zoom. Use the Fit All button to reset the view and the selection tolerance.
  • If you have a very high resolution monitor it might be that the default selection resolution is too small. Select the File->Preferences menu, then in the Properties Panel increase the Visualization->Pick Resolution, say to 10. The higher the value the slower, but less sensitive will be the picking.
  • Is there a chance that the selection is just slow? - Due to a large model - say 1000s of entities.