few ideas

Hej Guys,

Awesome software, incredible display, however I wasnt able to do one simulation because:
is there a way to move, rotate, scale objects? I coulndt find it...
My test wing always landed outside of the simulation volume..

better hireachy sytem, every object should have separate trees etc.
Maybe just look into some general 3d app, 3dsmax, or cinema4d and take that system.

The rest seems to be perfect!

Transform Tools in the Geometry Tool Palette

Thanks for the feedback.

You can find transform tools (e.g., Translate, Rotate, Scale) in the Geometry Tool Palette. For more on geometry related tools see our Builder Tutorials. To prevent animating your geometry, make sure you are at the beginning of time.

Imported Object Problem

Hej, thanks, I found it!
Its little old method but works.
I run few succesfull test with it, but I still have problem with imported objects, hope I figure out.

Which version of Caedium?

Are you using the latest version of Caedium?

If you are using the unsupported 32-bit version of Caedium on Windows or Linux then for the tutorials you'll need to scale any imported geometry by [0.001 0.001 0.001] about the origin.

Which tutorials are you trying?

Note that faceted geometry (STL and OBJ) is not supported for RANS Flow simulations.

Scaling Important

Well, I am using the 64 bit version I think.
I just figured that the scale of geometry is very important. The simulation always failed because of that. Maybe a warning message would be good.
Now I only have to figure out how the particles showing up. I'll ask if I cant.

How to deal with small objects?

I solved all of my problems, but one thing doesnt seems to come out properly. How to deal with small objects? I would like to test a 50mm x 50mm x 40 mm cooler unit, but it only works if I scale it up. Also I had to increse the accuracy to high.

Use Accuracy Option Custom

There shouldn't be any problem simulating small or large objects. Either way you will have to ensure the object is resolved by the mesh. For more details review the comment "Use the Accuracy Tool."