Club F3 Base Aero setup

I am a Club F3 racer and looking to try and get some base data on my early 90's Ralt Formula 3 car.
I have built a 3D model of my car based on measuring the car I have accurate front and rear wing geometry and reasonable body shape accuracy I beleive, as well as suspension and wheels etc, probably too much detail. Have drawn this in RhinoV4. Is it realistic to take this model, or a simplfied version into Caedium, through Exchange, Rhino is Nurbs based and can certainly export as stl. I want to try and get base lift and drag data for the varying front an rear wing settings, varying ride height and estimate aero balance across these conditions. I am an engineer with good general software skills but no specific CFD experience.

Is Caedium the answer for a Club racer like me, Simon Mcbeath suggested in Racecar Engineering it might be. Do I need a degree in fluid dynamics to get anything usefull?