Modeling flow over buildings


I'm a bit new to CFD modeling, so please forgive any ignorant questions! I'm interested in modeling wind flow through a group of buildings. I have a single 3d (.obj) file of the the group of buildings, and i'd like to run simulations of winds of various speeds blowing through the buildings. Ultimately i want to see pressure profiles on the buildings. Is this possible with Caedmuim?


STEP and IGES for Caedium RANS Flow

Currently you can not use facted geometry (e.g., .obj) for Caedium RANS Flow simulations. The preferred formats are STEP (.stp) and IGES (.igs) in that order. If you can match the supported formats then Caedium should be good to go for pressure profiles on buildings.

Also you'll need to subtract the buildings from a large outer boundary so that the air around them is modeled as a continuum - similar to the way the car is represented in the tutorial "Flow Over a CO2 Dragster."