Lift and Drag total force for complete model

Dear All,
I'm fresh new user of Caedium, I have activated PanelFlow and Exchange .
I have review the tutorial and particularly the DLR-F4 Wing Body calculation.
Can someone describe step by step how to include in new results the Total Lift and Drag and total Moment Mx, My, Mz?
Why this standard data are not calculated automatically? I'm used to an old university code and F and M are standard output on body and aero frame.

Caedium seems very powerful with fantastic view features.
Many thanks for your support on this.

Forces and Moments

To create a force monitor drag and drop the Vector Variables->F from the Physics Tool Palette (preselect the Scale property you want, e.g., X = drag, Y = lift in the Properties Panel for F) onto the geometry you want to monitor. You do the same for a moment monitor but use Vector Variables->M.

If you want to resolve forces for a different axis system then you'll need to create a new Result using Vector Fields->F. By default the moments are calculated around the origin [0, 0, 0].

If you want the entire force on a model (i.e., sum of all forces on multiple faces), then create a group that contains all the geometry you want to monitor and use that as your target for your drag and drop operation.

To export a comma separated list of monitor values use File->Export... and then select Save as type: Plot Series (*.csv).

Note with a Panel method you are only going to resolve inviscid forces, i.e., pressure forces only, no viscous forces.