Making a volume rotate

(Ubuntu 11.04 32 bits)
I have imported a part (turbine-like) from a .stp file. I have defined faces as walls, set the whole volume inside a flow volume (box).
How can I make rotate the part?
Should I use the Axes function (I guess axes should be defined on the part to set the right rotation axis) ?
Should I use Angular Velocity function ? ( the "done" option remains grey when my part is selected....)
thanks for help

Rotation only for axi-symmetric faces

Currently you can only apply a rotation condition to faces (not an entire volume). Further, rotating faces have to be axi-symmetric as in the tutorial "Flow Over a Rotating Wheel with Moving Ground".

I'm guessing that you are looking to perform either a rotating reference frame or a rotating moving-mesh simulation - currently Caedium does not support either type of simulation.