f1 in schools project


Im using solidworks for the modelling and caedium for CFD. I made the model and the flow-volume box by parts and combined them in assembly and then exported them n STEP. format. When i imported i caedium, i followed all the steps except the nozzle inlet in Flow in CO2 dragster. Then, when i drag the Vector Fields->U (velocity) tool into the View Window (view) background, the model seems to be covered with orange colours and several patches, not like in the tutorial images shown. And i also got triangulator errors. Can u help me wth this?? I need to figure this out ASAP. Thank you in advance!

Single volume representing the air around your car

You are missing a single volume representing the air around your car. For more details review "F1 in Schools Problems."

Once you resolve the single volume problem, for more on triangulator failures review "Volume won't mesh."

how could i make the single

how could i make the single volume around the car? Do i have to make it in Solidworks or Caedium? Thanks for your support!

Try Booleans in SolidWorks first

You are more likely to find it easier to perform Booleans in SolidWorks using the native geometry.

And how can i perform

And how can i perform Booleans in SolidWorks? I'm actually new to this so it'll be great if you could help. Thank you in advance!

Contact SolidWorks Support

Sorry I'm not a SolidWorks user, try their support service.