Calculating Complex Viscosity


I am thinking of using this software to model the complex viscosity of sinusoidally oscillated cornstarch-water solution.

For this, I need to be able create the non-newtonian liquid
and calculate the shear stress & shear rate of the liquid at any given time and position.

Can this software achieve this?

No way to specify sinusoidal oscillation

Caedium supports the non-newtonian viscosity model Bird Carreau, though I have no experience using it. It can also provide the shear stress at wall boundaries.

However, there is no way to specify a "sinusoidal oscillation," so I don't think Caedium can yet help you.


Thanks for replying,

If Caedium cannot directly model the sinusoidal oscillation, can I set up a dish (containing the cornstarch) which can oscillate.

Also a direct way of calculating the complex viscosity would be to use the storage and loss modulus (G' and G``)

Rigid body motion no help

You can setup up rigid body motion in Caedium but it will not help you run a RANS Flow simulation. So you won't be able to calculate the complex viscosity either.