Reference axis and geometry location

Dear All,

I'm using a licence of Panel code + Exchange.
1) When you import a .step geometry into Symscape, how can I specify ho to locate the geometry with respect to the origin ?

If you want to simulate a ground effect, and drag and drop into the working space the "symmetry" conditions, how can you specify ground clearence ?

Or should I create the solid model with the desired location to the reference axis (distance from plane xy as an example), and it will be imported exaclty as it is?

2) is it possible to change linestyle of wake ? For example line thickness. I have not find how to do it on the menu.

Many thanks in advance for your reply.


Need Caedium Builder add-on

In answer to your questions:

1) To transform, modify and create geometry you will also need the Caedium Builder add-on. Or, as you said, configure your geometry's location in your CAD software before importing your STEP file into Caedium. Caedium will import your geometry without modifying it or its location.

2) There is no way to change the wake line style. After the simulation completes a Wake property will be added to the edge(s) view properties. The associated wake properties are Color and Transparent.