Limited Functionality

I'm new to the program, trying to work through the rans tutorial "Flow through a pipe into a box" Whenever I get to the part where I try to use the Select/Deselect when i'm trying to apply symmetry local to multiple faces that represent the volume. I ignored this and tried to proceed anyway, selecting each face separately, but now, I can't apply the color filed, (or an of the related options in the drop down for the velocity results command

I've tried restarting the program several times, but this persists. Any Ideas?


Substance on your volume?

Are you sure you have applied a Substance to your volume? Try applying the Others->Info tool from the Geometry Tool Palette to your volume to summarize the physics.

Instead of using drag and drop you could try first selecting the faces and then double click the tool you want to apply. For more on selection see "Camera View Control and Entity Selection".

Symmetry Local problem

I am having a similar problem with the Symmetry Local Conditions, for the 'Flow Over a Rotating Wheel with Moving Ground'.

The tutorial says, "To create the three symmetry conditions, drag and drop the Conditions->Symmetry Local tool onto one of the symmetry faces shown below (you will need to rotate your view to see these 3 faces). Double-click the first face in the Select dialog, then select Select/Deselect and right-click on the second face (shown below). **Double-click the first face in the Select dialog**, and select the final face in the same manner. With all three faces selected, select Done."

My problem is with the **marked** bit: the 'first face' isn't available for selection in the Select dialog; only the face I have just immediately selected (unless that is the face being referred to).

I know this may sound confusing! Thank you for the fantastic tutorials :)

Try using single-selection

If you are having problems with multi-select using Select/Deselect then try using single-select. Just perform the drag and drop of the Conditions->Symmetry Local tool on to each face separately. Or select the face first then double click the tool as outlined above.

For more details on selection in general see "Camera View Control and Entity Selection".