Heat transfer with mixed conditions

I am working on a heat transfer problem that I need to solve:

I have a room with natural convection and electric heating. Heat loss is thru faces representing walls and windows.
I have the heat transfer coefficient, U value in W/(m*m*K) and outside temperature.

How can I set up this problem in Caedium Professional?

Temperature boundary conditions

Caedium supports the following temperature boundary conditions:

  • Insulated adiabatic walls
  • Heat flux specification which can be derived from your heat transfer coefficient
  • Fixed temperature

Caedium can not simulate Conjugate Heat Transfer (CHT), i.e., the heat transfer from a fluid through a solid, such as windows and walls. Even if Caedium could simulate CHT it is often a tricky simulation to setup.

Conjugate heat transfer using coupled simulations CFD/FEA

Thank you for your informative and fast reply.

This is kind of theorethical question but it would be nice to know:
In addition to Caedium I also use ANSYS Designspace which can do steady state thermal analysis.
Do you know if it is possible to do a coupled simulation using this FEA package and Caedium together, and more important, would that be something you would recommend as worthwhile?

- Per

You Need CHT

No, I don't think coupling a steady state heat transfer calculation (for the solid) with Caedium would be worthwhile. For the boundary conditions you describe you need to use CHT.