geting information of the geometry/simulation

Is there a way to export information on the geometry (size of the entity created like faces, vertices, etc...)? Idem on parameters of the simulation?
Aside question could be, is there a way to put a comment into the *.sym file that describe the geometry and/or the simulation (free text)?
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Others->Info tool on the Geometry Tool Palette

If you drag and drop the Others->Info tool onto your volume it will produce a detailed breakout of the geometry, mesh, and physics in the File->Log. It also works for one or more vertices, edges, or faces.

You can create text using the Others->Text tool in the view window - edit the Name property to write your note. You can transform it just like you do other geometry.

No so good

Thanks for your answers, unfortunately the Text is moving with the view which is a bit difficult to use as a comment (very good to specify local comment).
For example, the info tools gives you (on outlet):
outleth [www.1804.4] {
Geometry {
Center: 0 0 -0.0009 m
Length Scale: 0.0183688 m
Shape: Face
Type: OpenCascade
Lower Topology {
Edges: 2
Vertices: 2
Mesh {
Nodes Per Element: 3
Face Elements: 192
Edge Elements: 192
Vertex Elements: 2
Nodes: 192
Physics: Outlet {
Type: Mass Flow Rate {
U: Mass Flow {
Flow Rate: 0.0008
k: Zero Gradient
p: Zero Gradient
T: Zero Gradient
omega: Zero Gradient
mut: Calculated

Which is not too bad for the mesh and physics but on the geometry it doesn't look useful. I could understand that it is quit hard to retrieve the geometry info from the final geometry, but is it not possible to retrieve the list of the small elements that permit to build the whole block? (as it is done by doing "undo"/"redo")
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Use a new simulation view window for text

If you want your notes independent of the current simulation, then create a new simulation (File->New->Simulation) and create notes in it's view window.

I'm not sure what you mean by "...list of the small elements that permit to build the whole block". What do you want to do with this information?

Do you mean the lower topology of a face? E.g., the edges of a face? If so, you can use the Select dialog to select all Edges or Vertices (lower topology) of a face.

Or do you mean the geometry construction history? If so, this is not available - Caedium does not maintain the history.

geometry construction history

Sorry for my unclear question, it is exactly the "geometry construction history" that I look for.
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