Does Caedium support interfaces?

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I would like to know if Caedium supports interfaces as Fluent or not?
If so, is there any special instructions to do so?
If not, is it in project?

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What is your application?

What applications do you want to simulate?

Caedium supports conformal interfaces (connected faces) between volumes which can be used for multi-block meshing. However, Caedium does not support non-conformal interfaces that could be used for sliding mesh applications.

We ordinary simulate cases

We ordinary simulate cases with complex geometries, that use non-conformal interfaces. Often in static systems, due to the geometries.

Thank you for your answer.

Consider a different approach

I realize that once you import meshes into FLUENT there are limited tools available to modify meshes. This is not the case with Caedium. In Caedium you have full access to geometry, topology, and mesh tools throughout the CFD process, so why not use conformal interfaces if you want to decompose your complex geometry?