Color map...

Good day one more time,

I'd like to have a clarification concerning the results tab.

When I run my case, with for example U color map over the volume for a stationary case with 2M cells with 10k iterations.
I'd like now to see the color map of k. Should I delete U and then put k? When I do that Caedium starts calculation from the beginning...

Also, when I export my case into Fluent, with a case with turbulence, I don't have the parameter k exported?

I like Caedium for it's global manipulation and performances and also for the forum and the reactivity on it, but some weird things still exist :)

Thank you very much for your answers.


Multiple Color Maps

You can have multiple color maps on any View Window. To switch between them use the Color Map pull down list in the View Legend (bottom left). Just drag and drop the new color map you want to see as you did the first one without deleting it.

If you want to see multiple color maps simultaneously (e.g., U and k) then leave U on your original view and create a new view for k using File->New->View.

If you delete the final simulation end point (color map, streamlines, arrows, XY plot, or monitor) then all the simulation data will be deleted. This is what you are seeing then you deleted U.

The FLUENT data export from Caedium requires that you have just run your simulation, i.e., not just reloaded the .sym file. I'm not familiar with the FLUENT data format - it's coded according to numerate ids, so maybe one of these ids doesn't correspond to k correctly. What is your aim in exporting flow data?

Weird or just different to FLUENT? :-)