About Vortex Shedding Behind a Cylinder


I tried "Vortex Shedding Behind a Cylinder " simulation, but it doed not work well.
Could you tell me how to set up this model and setting parameter?
Ex. model size, properties, solver, conditions,etc.
If you have the mesh file and tutorial of this model, Plaese send me.

I already checked "Transonic Flow Over the NACA 0012 Airfoil" tutorials
But I can't apply to Cylinder.

I use 32bit Free-trial version of Caedium Professional.
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Thank you for adding project file


I use 32bit free licence,because I can't suceed in activating 64bit version.
I installed 64bit version to PC which is able to connect internet and also I paste the activate key(correctly),
but it doesn't work.
The error window is displaying, "can't access web-server, or key is incorrect"
Please tell me what is wrong.
I can connect internet with browser, but not from caedium(ex. help, lisence updating) .
When I solve this problem, I can see the project file which you added.

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Try email activation

Try the email activation for Caedium 64-bit as described in the comment at "Email Activation Process". Note you do not need to transfer the runtime license to a file, just copy and paste the runtime license from the email into the activation wizard as described.

about the error of this cylinder simulation


I would like to simulate the small scale of this model (almost 1/100 size of cylinder).
I can create the model, but the error has occurred listed below at the beggining of simulation.
Please tell me how I solve this ploblems.

flowdomain [www.1511.6] RANS Flow:
DILUPBiCG: Solving for Ux: solution singularity

flowdomain [www.1511.6] RANS Flow:
smoothSolver: Solving for omega, Initial residual = 1, Final residual = 1.#QNAN, No Iterations 100

flowdomain [www.1511.6] RANS Flow:
GAMG: Solving for p, Initial residual = 0.999999, Final residual = 1.#QNAN, No Iterations 100

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Share your project files

Please use our Contact Form to share the project files (.sym) after posting them on Dropbox, so I can try to diagnose the problems.

Time step too large

I took a look at your project file MODELsmallcylinder_FAIL.sym and the main problem is that the Substance->Solver->Control->Time Step = 2.5s is too large, you need to use something in the range of 0.001s.

Also you should consider initializing your flow domain velocity field to zero, i.e., Physics: Initial->U = Fixed Value, Value = [0 0 0].

To increase the overall run length, select the background (sim) and set Time->Duration = 50 or higher to give 50 (simulation steps) * 10 (solver iterations per step) * 0.001 (time step) = 0.5s real time.

I suggest you create a Residual Monitor to provide feedback on the simulation residuals.

Caedium project file available

I just added the Caedium project file (64-bit) for this simulation to our Downloads area as "Transient Airflow Around a Cylinder".

Caedium 32-bit no longer supported

We no longer support Caedium 32-bit - it's way out of date relative to our tutorials.

For the cylinder you want to create a pseudo 2D simulation (as in the NACA 0012 tutorial), but you'll need to create special geometry in a similar way (multi-block structured) to "Water Tank".

Why do you want to simulate vortex shedding for a cylinder?