F1 In Schools - Apastron Project

Im Bennett Hardwick and Im 14 years old and have been competing in a competition called F1 In Schools for 3 years now.

As part of this project we are required to Design, Test, Manufacture and Race a model F1 Car which is 200mm long and weighs about 55g.

After recent success at our Queensland State Championships we have been selected as a wildcard to compete at the Australian National Championships.

I'm not sure if this is the place I'm supposed to post this, but I am very inexperienced with CFD. I have been doing a bit of searching on the internet and have found that Caedium is the most popular, so i thought I'd start here.
I have some basic theoretical ideas about how Aerodynamics works, but I dont have a visual physical image of this.

Briefly our design uses a few principles such as the Bernoulli Effect (Wings, Side Pods) the Venturi Effect (Between the side pods) and understanding where low and high pressures are likely to be, and trying to reduce them, ( Faces of Incline, Between the Track and the Car, and Behind the Canister housing are the greatest) but Im unsure of if this theory actually makes a difference in our overall performance.

If you'd like to help I've posted links to our Cars below.

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