drag of air due to moving water


I have two questions here. Thanks

1. Can your product simulate multi-phase flow (air and water)? I need to simulate the drag of air due to moving water.

2. Has you product been validated with any physical models?


Check out the "Not Supported" section on the RANS Flow product page.

I'm not sure what you mean by "...the drag of air due to moving water", can you be more specific?

Specifically what validations are you looking for? RANS Flow uses a custom version of OpenFOAM. OpenFOAM has been validated against a vast array of applications.

OpenFOAM is a registered trademark of OpenCFD and is unaffiliated with Symscape.

I meant airflow induced by

I meant airflow induced by free surface flow.

Any timeline for multi-phase modeling feature?

I meant any validation by comparing with physical model results.

Free Surface Multiphase is Now Available

The latest release of Caedium v4 now supports free-surface multiphase.