caedium output

I am trying to learn the ropes with Caedium and have several questions.

1. Is there a file or output summary that documents the material balances? I am interested in the massflow at each inlet/oulet and the net, as well as energy, etc. Can these be obtained from the open foam files?

2. Caedium produces pressure output on faces. Is there a tool to get an area weigted average to determine load? (Anumerical value is preferred not just a graphical value)

3.Is there a summary of what graphical output is being used. For example I might set up an example and showing velocity magnitude colored, and particle traces from one of several inlets. Is there a summary identifying options used in the volume and at faces. Another user would prefer a summary to simplify understanding of the case.

Create new Caedium Results

In general it seems you will need to create new Caedium Results as demonstrated in the tutorial "Fluid Flow Around a Sphere: Theory Comparison". Then create the associated Plots or Monitors and export the values as Comma Separated Values (CSV).

Specifically in answer to your questions:

1) Yes, create a new Result massflow = Sum(U.Mag * A * rho), where rho is a constant equal to your incompressible density.

2) Yes, create a new Result pAvg= Sum(p * A) / Sum(A), or if you want the load (Force) just use the existing Result Vector Variables->F.

3) The View Legend provides a summary of the visualization used, e.g., Color Map + range and Arrows. When you export the view as an image the legend summarizes this info. The View properties associated with an entity are the primary means to review your visualization settings.

For a summary of the geometry, mesh and physics on entities (e.g., volume, faces) try the Other->Info tool on the Geometry Tool Palette. This will produce a report in the File->Log.

thx for the prompt response

thx for the prompt response