SketchUp and Scalar Transport

I am trialing the 64 bit version and it looks promising, but i have a few questions:

1. does Caedium support import of Google sketchUp files? DAE or KMZ format?

2. We are interested in RANS applications and need to assess mixing: either by using a thermal transport or scalar transport equation. If we use the energy equation what is the best way to decouple energy from the flow solution. If we try a scalar transport (possible?) can you reccomend an approach.

Caedium can import SketchUp Models

In answer to your questions:

1) Yes Caedium Professional can import COLLADA files (.dae) exported by Google SketchUp. However, you will need to specially configure those models to be water tight, i.e., all edges shared by 2 faces.

2) To solve for thermal transport use the Substance->State>Heat Transfer = On, Compressible = No and then once you've added the Substance to your flow volume set Substance->Properties->Reference->g (gravity) = [0 0 0]. Caedium does not support scalar transport.